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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mass copying continues on the Madhyamik 2nd day

Malda, 24 February, 2015: The second day of Madhyamik examinations witnessed formidable adoption of unfair means and rampant supply of chits containing answers to the examinees taking their English examinations. Interestingly, in addition to their male counterparts the women too were found helping students in mass copying at different schools.

Police personnel and the education officials had a tough job in prohibiting the answer-suppliers from entering the examination venues. In some cases police even had to reportedly baton charge to maintain the sanctity of the board examination.

Despite claiming that examination was conducted flawlessly in most of the schools, the district inspector of schools – secondary education (DIS-SE) Asish Choudhury assured that further measures would be taken to prevent mass copying in those schools wherefrom the complaints poured in today.

Police personnel had a scuffle with the outsiders at Enayetpur EA high school today. The outsiders were allegedly supplying chits to the examinees. Police had to reportedly charge batons to disperse them. Ten such copy suppliers were detained by police.

Copy supply by outsiders in Malda school on Tuesday (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)

Police and RAF chasing the copy suppliers on Tuesday (Photo: VoM)
Santa Debya high school at Kajigram gram panchayat area in English Bazaar police station too was dominated by the chit-suppliers including women. They were found mounting the school building to throw the chits to the examinees conveniently. Police allegedly remained mute spectators initially but later chased the outsiders as media personnel arrived near the school. However, the chit suppliers did not seem to be discouraged by police action and kept supplying answers to the examinees utilizing any possible opportunity.
Copy suppliers punished by police
RNG Valika Vidyapith in Ratua I block also was disturbed by the advent of the copy suppliers today. They were found reading out the answers to the examinees sitting near the windows. Some of the copy suppliers were allegedly found loitering at the roof of the school too.

DIS-SE Mr Choudhury said, “Barring a few instances the examination was conducted smoothly and peacefully. District police and administrations have been strongly monitoring the examination venues. With the help of all mass copying could be successfully prevented.”

Additional SP Abhishek Modi said, “Police chased the copy suppliers and outsiders in some schools to maintain law and order. But nowhere police resorted to baton-charge. Ten persons were arrested for helping in adoption of unfair means.

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