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Monday, February 9, 2015

Woman accused of slapping OC after 'lewd remark' reels under arrest scare

Malda, 9 February, 2015: The housewife Sabita Paswan, who slapped a police officer of Bhaluka outpost in Harischandrapur police station on Saturday alleging that the latter verbally abused her, is now reeling under scare as police have lodged a complaint against her and 13 others under non-bailable sections. She however said that she would file counter case if she is further harassed by police. Human rights organization Association for protection of democratic rights (APDR) today stood by her.

Mrs Paswan first decided to meet the cop officials today but returned apprehending an arrest. She said, “I hit the police officer with slipper after he asked me indecent questions and threw an indecent proposal to me. Now I realize that I should not have acted that way. But I could not control my temper after being harassed by that officer.”
Sabita Paswan at Malda on Monday (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)

“It is a helpless situation for me now. I cannot stay at my house at Palpara village and am rather running from one place to another with my minor kids as police may arrest anytime.  Some of my innocent neighbours too have been falsely accused by police,” she added. She further alleged that police however did not take any action against the police officer Sanat Biswas except transferring him to Kaliachak police station.

SP Prasun Banerjee conceded that police filed case against Mrs Paswan under sections 353 (assault), 186, 332 (hindering public work), 447 (damaging public property) and 507 (verbal abuse) of the IPC. Mr Banerjee further said that the act of the woman was violation of law. SDPO, Chanchal Koustavdeep Acharya is holding a probe. After the enquiry report is submitted police would take further action.

APDR district secretary Jishnu Roy Chowdhury said, “Police have been trying to harass the woman though she was nearly molested. The woman cannot go to police to lodge complaint against the police officer fearing that she would be arrested. We have helped the woman to send a complaint to Bhaluka outpost through post. If police do not register the case against police officer, we would move to the court.” 

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