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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Krishnendu Choudhury enjoys monopoly in finalizing TMC candidates for EBM poll

Malda, 13 March, 2015: Though severe discontent ventilated against him by the opponent factions on numerous occasions, the chairman of English Bazaar municipality (EBM) Krishnendu Choudhury has had the last laugh in selecting candidates for ensuing civic body poll. In tentative list of 29 candidates who are going to contest in EBM poll, as many as 18 candidates are known to be loyalists to Mr Choudhury.

While three or four candidates are close to the EBM vice chairman Dulal Sarkar, district youth Trinamul president Amlan Bhaduri has managed to get tickets for himself and his loyalists in at least five seats. Only two candidates in the tentative list are known to be associates of minister Sabitri Mitra. Interestingly, district Trinamul president Moazzem Hossain has no single follower in the list.

It may be mentioned a search committee was constituted by Trinamul state committee to finalize the candidates for EBM civic poll. Apart from Mr Choudhury, Mrs Mitra, Mr Hossain, Mr Sarkar, Mr Bhaduri, Mr Sarkar, district working president Mrs Singh were in the committee. Except Mrs Singh, the other members are known to have a “sour” relation with the EBM chairman and food processing minister Mr Choudhury.

Mrs Sandhya Das (ward no. 1), Mr Krishna Mandal (3), Mr Ashok Saha (4), Mrs Sumita Banerjee (5), Mr Debapriya Saha (6), Mr Subrata Sardar (7), Mrs Kakali Choudhury (8), Mrs Pratibha Singh (9), Mr Choudhury himself (10), Mr Prasenjit Das (12), Ms Anamika Das (16), Mr Ashish Kundu (18), Ms Sharmistha Mukherjee (23), Mr Rumpa Roy (24), Mr Kunal Singha (25), Ms Sumita Das (26), Mr Shyamprakash Gupta (27) and Mr Anup Das (28) belong to Mr Choudhury’s camp.

EBM vice chairman Mr Sarkar would contest from ward number 20 along with his wife Mrs Chaitali Sakar (21). Tentative candidate for ward no. 22 Jayanta Bose is also known to be an associate of Mr Sarkar.

Mr Bhaduri, who won on a BJP ticket and later defected to Trinamul, has succeeded in managing nomination for himself. Three other ex-BJP councilors who accompanied Mr Bhaduri have also got nominations either for themselves or for their relatives. Sumala Agarwalla, a close associate of Mr Bhaduri has retained her nomination from ward no. 2 this time.

Subhamay Basu (17) and Runu Das (19) only are known to be quite close to Mrs Mitra.

Though Mr Choudhury claimed that most suitable candidates were chosen unanimously, Dr Hossain conceded that Mr Choudhury played a crucial role in selecting candidates. “I am like ‘Dhal, Talwar bihin Nidhiram Sardar’ (I am like a lieutenant without any arms),” Mr Hossain said.

Political observers of the district are of the opinion that if Trinamul gets the absolute majority in EBM, Mr Choudhury would emerge as an uncrowned king of Trinamul in Malda. But if Trinamul loses the municipality this time, the other factions would emerge with sharp claws to tear Mr Choudhury into pieces politically. 

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