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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Robbery notice haunts English Bazaar village

Malda, 27 February, 2015: Hundred years back gangs of notorious ‘Raghu Dakat’ or ‘Kalu Dakat’ used to plunder the houses of affluent targets serving notice well in advance. Families receiving such written forecasts used to reel under scare helplessly. But when technology advanced incredibly over the centuries and the robber-gangs too have invented newer methods to keep their targets remain clueless about the plan-of robbery, 27 families at Madia village of Sovanagar gram panchayat in English Bazaar police station are spending sleepless nights after receiving the dreadful notices from robbers like it happened centuries ago.

A scared family with robbery notice (Photo: VoM)
“Taiyar raho, hum arahe hain/ Ghar mein jitna kimti saman hain/ Rupiya, jaharat taiyar rakhna/ Jyada chalaki maat karma/ Kisiko bataneki koshish maat karna/ Warna…” (Get ready, we are coming/ Keep all valuable articles, money, jewels ready for us/ Do not be oversmart/ Otherwise…”) – thus read the letters from robbers which have been received by government employees to businessmen including a panchayat member of Trinamul Congress. The threat-letters have brought the recipients from Madia village approximately 25 km from here, under one roof. To combat the dacoits they have also formed groups to protect themselves.

A businessman Mohammed Mazharul Alam, one such recipient of notice from the dacoits has already lodged a written complaint with police on Friday morning. The worry of the probable victims of the robbery knocked the door of the relief and rehabilitation minister Sabitri Mitra too.

However, the villagers have not left the issue of security entirely to the police and the minister alone. The scare struck village has constituted teams of night-guards comprising the youths with stout physique. Temporary towers with bamboo, tin and jute have been erected at the turning of the village.

Mr Alam, the complainant on behalf of the other villagers said that the robbers however did not mention the time of their operation.

Railway employee Meer Wahab, ration dealer Mohammed Yasizuddin, mango trader Mozaffar Rahman, sweet-meat seller Tazmul Shrikh and other villagers like Manzur Sheikh, Velu Momin, Younus Momin and others said that to some of them the notice was sent in envelope and the notice was pasted on the doors of the some of their houses.

Helpless villagers looking for a saviour (Photo: VoM)
 Panchayat member of Trinamul Congress Azimuddin Sheikh, who too received the robbery-notice, however does not like to consider the threat seriously. “It may be a bad joke by some youths. But still it is difficult to assure the villagers,” Mr Sheikh said.

Minister Mrs Mitra said, “The area is under my assembly constituency. The scared villagers came to me. I urged the SP to look into the matter.”

SP Prasun Banerjee said, “The issue has come to my notice. English Bazaar police have been asked to probe into the matter. We are trying to identify the senders of the notice.” 

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