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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Smart phones with spl app to check ICDS activities

Malda, 27 February, 2015: Both the ministers from the district – Sabitri Mitra and Krishnendu Choudhury repeatedly questioned work culture of integrated child development scheme (ICDS) workers in the district. Now, the district administrations, accepting the ‘suggestions’ from the ministers, distributed smart phones with a special app among the ICDS workers from which they would have to send at least three photographs from each of the ICDS centres.

ADM (general) D Mandal explaining the utility of the new app on mobile (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)
It has been learnt from district administrative sources that all 114 supervisors of the ICDS would regularly send updates of all the ICDS centres by using the mobile app. The administration would thus monitor development of the children, availability of treatment facility, quality of food etc at the ICDS centres as learnt from administrative sources.

DM Sharad Dwivedi said that it was learnt from a survey conducted in December, 2014 70,000 children were identified in the district out of which 20,000 children suffered from mal-nutrition.

ICDS supervisors intently learning the use of the new app (Photo: VoM)

“Photographs of those children were taken. A special app has been designed which would be available on the mobile phone sets distributed among the IDCS supervisors. Rs 5 lakh has been spent to purchase the mobiles. Supervisors would be sending at least three photographs from their mobile phones. It would be thus easier for us to monitor how the ICDS centres in the district are functioning,” Mr Dwivedi added.

It has been learnt from administrative sources that monitoring the ICDS work through special mobile app is a pilot project. Minister Sashi Panja also kept vigil on the project. “The project would also help in curbing the alleged irregularities at the ICDS centres,” a senior official said.

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